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The basic sun cream

The main products are the SPF30 and SPF50 broad spectrum waterproof sun creams

The SPF30 is available in a 200ml tube and a 1ltr bottle with pump mechanism. The SPF50 is available in a 100ml tube and a 250ml family spray.

These sunscreen lotions are suitable for children from 2 years of age,  cruelty free, coral friendly, vegan, made with recycled plastics and doesn’t contain micro plastics.

Both types are a high quality, broad spectrum protection with 5 star ultra UVA rating (PPD 39 for the SPF30 and PPD 54 for the SPF50)). ALTRUIST suncreams have a broad range of photostable UV filters, including the world’s most advanced filter: Tinosorb A2B. Fast absorption, non-sticky – feels like a moisturiser.

NB: There is also a SPF50 invisible spray in an aerosol can.






Fragrance and paraben free


Water resistant

The specials

Specialised sun cream

The SPF30 and SPF50 face fluid is a moiserizing sunscreen especially for the face. If you are used of using a moisterizing cream for the face, replace it by this face fluid and you will have a double effect.

Moisturising antioxidant facial sunscreen with 5 star ultra UVA rating (PPD 54). Delivers broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB radiation, exceeding EU standards. Enriched with Vitamin E to prevent cellular damage from UV induced free radicals and reactive oxygen species. The formula is designed for sensitive skins and to help reduce the risk of skin cancer and premature skin ageing.






Fragrance and paraben free


Water resistant

Altruist Anti-Redness and Pigmentation is a green tinted moisturiser and daycream with a SPF50 UVA and UVB protection; developed especially for hypersensitive and redness-prone skin, providing instant, gentle and long term improvement. Combining redness concealing technology with redness reducing active plant complex. Leaves a light brown even finish on the skin. 

Other skincare

Specialised skin care products

The Altruist cleansing foam does not just simply wipe off your makeup residue but it contains anti-inflammatory and hydrating allantoin, to bring hydration back into the skin, as promised.

Our cleanser has been formulated for combination / oily sensitive skin and is fragrance free and vegan, as you are used to from us. The formulation is hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic, so you can use this product worry-free.

This product is ideal for acne prone skin as the Salicyclic acid clears the pores of dirt and dead skin. It provides youthful- looking skin with just a dab of the cleanser.

The Altruist Moisterising fluid is a cream designed to create more youthful, radiant looking skin by using low molecular weight hyaluronic acid which penetrates deeply into the epidermis.  Enriched with glycerin, urea and shea butter to enhance the skin’s natural moisturising factors, the light formulation makes the perfect face moisturiser and can be used as a day or night cream. Our advise is to use it as a night cream and use the SPF50 Face Fluid as a day cream.

The Altruist Moisterising body lotion is a dermatologist moisturising body lotion with 6% Urea with a light and fast absorbing formula. Formulated with urea, glycerin, shea butter & panthenol, created by Dr. Andrew Birnie. This lotion restores and repairs dry and itchy skin. It can be used daily by all skin types and has been developed for sensitive skin.

The Altruist Dry Skin Repair Cream is a  carefully balanced, protective cream that helps strengthen the skin, restore the body’s natural barrier function and prevent moisture loss. Formulated with urea and glycerin to repair, smooth and reduce roughness without irritation by restoring moisture, promoting healing and enhancing hydration. Formulated to support people with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and dry, rough or scaly skin.






Fragrance and paraben free

The Altruist dermatologist hand repair cream with 10% Urea. Developed for very dry skin, with urea, glycerin, panthenol & bisabolol. Created by consultant dermatologist Dr. Andrew Birnie. Restores and retains moisture on hard working hands and protects the skin from getting dry and scaly. This hand repair cream has a concentrated formula – only a dab needed for each application. Handy size that can be taken with you to moisturise after every hand wash..

In the Spotlight

SPF50 family sunspray

Can also be used for children
Girl in a jacket   suitable for babies and children (+6 months)

Dermatologist specification Family Sunspray SPF50 with a 5 star UVA protection (PPD 48) created by dermatologist Dr Andrew Birnie. The SPF50 spray is suitable for the whole family, including babies (+6 months) and children. The product comes in a new trigger spray format, which ensures easy application to even the wriggliest of bodies. With its reef friendly formulation this sunscreen is perfect for a day at the beach, with no need to carry multiple different SPFs. Delivers broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB radiation, exceeding EU standards. The formula is designed for sensitive skin and is fragrance and paraben free. 




Suitable for sensitive skin


Water resistant


Frangrance and paraben free

the questions about using sunscreen

Frequently asked questions

These questions and answers are from the website of Altruist. The answers are from dr. Andrew Birnie co-founder of Altruist. If you have more questions about the use of sunscreen, feel free to ask.

Do all skin types need sunscreen?

The simple answer is yes.
Sunscreen protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays which can cause skin cancer and skin ageing. The fairer your skin the more essential sunscreen becomes. The risk of skin cancer is greater in those with lighter skin types, though Asian and African skins can prevent much of the changes associated with ageing (wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pigmentation) by using sunscreen year round whilst reducing further their already small risk of skin cancer

Which sunscreen should I use?

The BAD (British Association of Dermatologists) recommends that you should use a sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection (against UVA and B).

  • SPF (Sun Protection Factor) refers to UVB protection. The BAD advises using SPF 30 or above.
  • UVA protection is indicated by either an EU standard mark (UVA in a circle) or the Boots star system – 4 or 5 stars indicates very good protection.

Water resistance is a useful addition if you are likely to be sweating as it will not run and important if you are swimming. However, it is essential to reapply after swimming or towelling as it will have washed/rubbed off.

There are many types of sunscreen in different formulations. Ultimately, you should use one that you feel comfortable applying generously – both from a cosmetic perspective and financial.

When should I use sunscreen?

Whenever you will be outdoors in daylight for more than about 15 minutes. But also be aware that UVA (which is the main cause of ageing) can penetrate through glass, so you will still be exposed sitting in a car.

Ideally year round as the UVA levels are fairly consistent year round and even when there is cloud cover. UVB causes burning and these levels increase with the intensity of the sun.

Sunscreen should ideally be reapplied every 2 hours if you are outdoors to maintain the protection. This is especially important on hot sunny days as the risk of burning is higher due to increased UVB.

My personal practice is to apply Altruist SPF 30 as a post shave moisturiser every morning and then extend the coverage to include the rest of my face, my ears and my neck.

How much sunscreen should I use?

Probably more than you are at the moment! Most people do not use enough to achieve the quoted SPF. Some people suggest a shot glass worth, or a teaspoon per body part such as arms, legs, face and each side of the body, but I find these difficult concepts in practice, so I usually advise people to put enough on so that the skin looks completely white before the cream goes in.
It should be applied about 20 minutes before going out and then every two hours, or after swimming or towelling.H

How often should I reapply sunscreen?

It’s always difficult to give an accurate guide to how often to reapply, as the strength of the sun and skin type vary so much, but every couple of hours should be plenty unless you’ve been swimming. After going into the water and towelling off it’s important to reapply.

What is the difference between SPF30 and SPF50 protection?

The SPF indicates the UVB protection. The amount of UVB radiation that is filtered out varies with different SPFs: SPF15 blocks 93% of UVB; SPF30 blocks 96.7% of UVB; SPF50 blocks 98.3% of UVB.

Moreover, the SPF50 has a higher UVA protection compared to SPF30. The star rating system is based on a ratio of UVA/UVB. Both are the maximum 5 stars, but as the UVB protection of the 50 is higher, the UVA is too.

What does it mean if the sunscreen says it is water resistant?

It means that after 20 minutes in the water the sunscreen retains 50% of its effectiveness (labelled SPF). Some sunscreens are labelled very water resistant, which means that they retain 50% of their effectiveness after 40 minutes. Given this, you can see it’s essential to reapply afterwards. The very water resistant products tend to be less cosmetically acceptable – very sticky – and thus not the ones to use daily, but are probably the best to use if spending long periods of time in the water e.g. a long session of surfing.
It’s not correct to say that a cream is water proof.

What about spray sunscreens?

There is some concern (as yet unproven) that there may be a risk if the spray is inhaled, so you should be careful to avoid the face. However, sprays are popular. It is essential that enough is applied – a single spray onto the skin will not provide adequate coverage. Spraying into the hand and then applying is the best option, though this perhaps defeats the point of the spray. Rather apply 3 or 4 “coats” each time to ensure adequate protection.

How should Altruist invisible spray be used?

If you spray and wait for it to dry, then you’ll need to apply a couple of times to ensure complete coverage. Generally, we’d recommend rubbing it in. Don’t forget to apply plenty!

Where to buy?

The Altruist suncreams are available at your Dermatologist, Pharmacy and Beauty Salon. If it is not (yet) available at your favourite spot, tip them.

Do you want to become a dealer of the Altruist product line? Let us know. Conec Care is official distributor of Altruist products for the African Continent. Our warehouses are in Nairobi Kenya and in The Netherlands.

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